Some of the best athletic clothing brands are household names. This site is a portal and offers insight into the world of brand name apparel.

To get you started, there are quite a few to choose from when it comes to brand name, quality athletic wear. We will run through some of the top names and why we think they are great and where they could use improvement. These rankings are no art or science, just thoughts based on popular, and unpopular, opinions and reviews:


This brand is common, well known and well loved all over the world. The name, as one might guess, is based on some of their past and present marketing tactics and comes from the South African antelope (Rhebok) known for its speed and athleticism. The brand arguably peaked or was most popular in the 80’s when people of all kinds adopted the brand for their athletic and casual endeavours.

The brand has been around since 1890 and has evolved and since merged to be part of the Adidas group. There is an extremely wide variety of offerings, from niche products that are sport specific to more broad shoes and apparel for everyday wear.

Under Armour

Less known for its street and casual appeal, Under Armour is mostly found in gyms and is a staple for many who train and work out. Their offerings range from general gym/athletic apparel to sport specific equipment. One thing that not everyone may be fond of is that their clothing and equipment are often branded with their logo, and not often in a way that is subtle.


A long time favourite of many, Adidas holds a special place in many people’s hearts and closets. The brand is reliable and consistent not to mention accessible, being sold in many major, minor and boutique retailers. They offer a wide variety of apparel, most of which, similarly to Under Armour is somewhat loudly branded.