The 2018 Air Max includes a lineup of brand new versions of the shoe many know and love. It is a tribute to the classic Air Max but with a forward-thinking and futuristic flare. The 2018 Air Max is innovative, refreshing yet still falls under the traditional Air Max style category.

The newer Air Max all pay tribute to the original 180 style that dates back as far as 1991. The name for the original Air Max was derived from the visible 180 degrees of air, essentially allowing direct contact between cushioning and the hard surface underneath. This was a breakthrough for both shoe technology and for shoe style.

The style evolved as round heels became all the rage in the mid 90’s and eventually the 180 degrees became 270 degrees of air. The colours colours have become more vibrant as well. The heel bag in the 270 is actually the largest yet. This shoe was released in February with more colours, youth and women’s styles to follow shortly.

The VaporMax is cutting edge as it is a new mesh material with an Air-Sole and stylish design only available in limited quantities as part of an exclusive 2018 lineup.

The Air Max is an iconic shoe that is loved by many all over the world. The design, practicality, functionality and novelty of the shoe makes it a highly sought after product. So much so, that they have even named a day after the shoe. Or rather, Nike named the day themselves, but nonetheless, the day pays tribute to all of the amazing Air Max that have quite literally walked the face of this Earth.

For more information on the full lineup, check local retailers, or the Nike website directly. For older and more vintage Nike looks, check out vintage stores, collectors etc.