The Adidas Ultraboost are more than just running shoes. Though they have been self titled (by Adidas themselves) as THE greatest running shoe ever, the running shoe is sported by everyone from A list celebrities to your neighbour down the hall as casual sneakers as well.

The shoe is more than just a pretty face; it was and still is tested using the ARAMIS system, which, to put it into perspective, is also used by NASA and Boeing to measure and test ergonomics and vibration. The system allows real time simulation to help make sure the shoe is perfectly and flawlessly designed.

The shoe is new but front row in the lineup, having been launched in the year 2015. There have since been several types, models and colours developed for the shoe with a wide variance in price as well.

Some of the top reasons to buy the new and improved Ultra Boost from their 2018 lineup, as indicated by reviewers and those who have actually tested and worn the shoe include:

  • Fashionable:

many buyers love the diversity of the shoe and how it can be worn to the gym but also out shopping or running errands on a casual Saturday.

  • Weight:

those who run enjoyed the light weight of the shoe and how it did not weigh them down.

  • Price:

though the shoe varies in price, it doesn’t come with a price tag that is totally out of reach for those who don’t make 6 or 7 figures.

  • The ergonomics:

the extensive testing paid off, as runners feel it offers ergonomic benefits and was helpful to their health and well being.

  • Appearance:

the diversity of the colours, textures and shapes that the shoe comes in appeals to a wide range of people and customers all over the world.

  • Durability:

the shoe has been known to last and has been extensively tested. It is a one time buy that can last seveal running seasons, or years depending on what you use the shoe for.