The Adidas Predator, not shockingly, makes a grand appearance in the Adidas 2018 collection. The Predator, though completely revamped and refreshed, stays true to its roots and remains a staple of the Adidas line up and 2018 annual collection. The Predator, as many are aware, is actually a line of football (or soccer, depending where you live) shoe that has been around since 1994 and has been consistently well received and popular. The shoe took a short hiatus when it was discontinued in the spring of 2015, but reappeared in 2017 to replace the lesser popular ACE football shoe.

The range was developed by Adidas and was inspired by Craig Johnston, a former famous football player from Australia. Johnston retired back in 1988 for family and personal reasons but continued to stay infolved in the game as he coached school level soccer. It was during this time he came up with the concept of replacing the leather on the top of the football cleat with rubber to help with ball control. Adidas actually originally rejected his idea, until Johnston enlisted the help and support of some of his former famous football colleagues. This caught Adidas’ attention and ultimately lead to the creation of the Predator.

The Predator’s claim to fame are its rubber patches on the top part of the shoe. This has always been aestetically pleasing but, unbeknownst to many, actually serves a purpose as well. These patches help create and increase the amount of friction between the shoe itself and the ball in game play. The “power spine” design/technology was introduced back in 2010 and now reduces the amount of bend in the foot when kicking which is ultimately argued to help improve the power of a player’s shot.

Today, there is a Predator for soccer/football as well as rugby and there is even elite range of the shoe, which boasts a sleek, laceless design and a boost insole. Lace-up options and versions are still available and popular. The 2018 versions of the Predator are completely different but stay true to the shoe’s roots.