The NMD is still the new kid on the block and with its style and parallel to the Yeezy styles (minus the price tag), these shoes have quite literally flown off the shelves across the world since their release in 2016. The sales were impressive, especially given they are stand alone sales without any explicit celebrity endorsements in any way or form.

The NMD pays homage to the traditional and original Adidas shoes such as the Rising Star, but is extremely modern and has been deemed a comfortable, modern technology packed shoe that comes at a fairly reasonable price, especially considering the price of some immediate competitors. The shoe does seemingly target and appeal to a younger demographic.

Not quite as successful as the Boost, the NMD has still had extremely impressive uptake which has remained even as Adidas updates the array of colours and the revamp for the 2018 lineup.

This year’s lineup features what Adidas has called the “Triple Black” rendition of the shoe. This is the most popular version of the shoe, assumably because of its diversity, durability and subtlety.

The only update this year to the line up, will be a small but bold splash of red right on the ankle collar. This is an interesting addition, and a nice contrast to the blacked out shoe. The release date for this model is speculative, with many guessing it will be part of the Spring lineup to be released late March. The launch date will be confirmed by ADIDAS.

The shoe is expected to continue to sell well in terms of numbers as well as price, as many pay above retail price for the shoe. The shoe is also available for children and youth which is a huge plus and attractive to young, vibrant and fashion forward parents.